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What is eco-sustainability for us?

What is eco-sustainability for us?

Let’s limit CO2 emissions

We ask you to use your personal car during your holiday in as little as possible.

Please contact the Front Office to get further information about the local public transport


We ask you to respect the smoking ban in common areas and rooms: it is a gesture of respect towards people who do not smoke and it helps to keep a good air quality. In addition, if you are smoking in external common areas such as the swimming pool and terrace, we ask you to pay attention so that the smoke of your cigarette does not disturb other guests, particularly children, and pregnant women.


Water consumption in the hotel is high. For this reason, we ask you to help us to further limit water consumption by implementing the following measures:• Please do not let the water run unnecessarily from taps and showers, particularly hot water. • Please help us reduce the number of bed linens and towels for laundry so as to avoid unnecessary usage of water and detergents. Therefore, we ask you to keep towels hung up if you want to use them again and to leave the card on your bed if you want bed linens to be changed. In addition, we ask you to require the change of towels and bed linens as well as beach towels, only when you consider it as really necessary


The production of energy through renewable sources is the greatest success in the environmental and sustainability policy strongly supported by Hotel Bellavista****. However, your contribution can be crucial for the achievement of this goal.• we ask you not to leave windows open while the air conditioner is running.

What is eco-sustainability for us?